Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letter 53....Tropical Storm Bertha.....a total bust!

Each letter from Jake just seems to get better and better.  I love the testimony he bears of the atonement in this letter, and his testimony of repentance and how great you feel after going through that process.  I hope we can all focus on this more in our lives.
Tropical Storm Bertha No where to be found...... whew!

Hey everybody,

You could say that I passed a good week; or you could say that I passed a FANTASTIC WEEK,  it is more of a subject of preference, personally I prefer the latter.  So let me tell you about what has been going down town.

Me I'm down town,  the biggest city in Martinique and it is crazy!  There are houses built upon houses which extend all the way up the surrounding mountains.  It is a very beautiful area, probably the closest thing to Basse Terre, Guadeloupe  that there is.  But I love it..... there is a whole new feeling in this city,  still scary, towards evening we plan to NOT be in certain places,  but all is well:) Now that I am with Elder Dayton things are going to be crazy, we have a great relationship already and we are hoping to improve upon it, we both speak very good french,  I like that,  he speaks better so it pushes me to be a little competitive  and do better so that is always good:) 

This week we had a few improvs that threw us off our guard.  Friday we were supposed to be hit head on by the tropical storm Bertha,  as we bunkered down with a missionary stuck here headed home, we played Dominos durring the danger zone of the storm,  fortunately for me and fortunatly for my  mom the storm never hit Martinique,  I don't know details,  all I know is that something happened and we didn't get the brunt of it.  The next day we had a big storm durring the night though, and it woke us up.  Even me,  the rock sleeper.  We took Elder Kabango to a few lessons before he left for Belgium. 

We had a great miracle.  We went over to one of the brothers houses who has been relatively less or inactive for the last few years and we talked about going to the temple,  and we talked about why we must be worthy before we enter into the temple.  Then we talked about repentance.  It was incredible to feel the spirit guide us as we spoke and asked questions and listened to the desires of his heart.  This gospel must be true, because every day I see it change others lives.  I often see it changing my own life. 

There is so much I wish to say and no Ipad to talk to Siris in order to say it all, 

I love the redemptive power of the atonement. We are truely made clean, and oh, how good does it feel to be clean,

May we all do what is necessary to arrive at that point. 

I love you

Elder Lewis

The Missionaries Playing Dominos by Flashlight as they wait for "Electricity"

No Power....I guess it was time to try Sardine Sandwiches...ummm GROSS

Jake writes that it takes 180 steps to get to this view...lovely

Weird Fruit

District relaxed while awaiting Bertha

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