Friday, April 25, 2014

Letter Number 38..Is my sandwich big enough?

A great idea to download conference and listen to the talks as they drive around.  As the Zone Leader Elder Lewis and his Companion do a fair amount of errands in a week...great use of his time.  Paul Cardal is one of Jake's favorite musicians and mine as well.  

Jake shared that on the 3rd Sunday of each month the District meets together after church for a potluck and fellowship.  I would love to see all of their dishes! Jake's specialty is onion and garlic mashed potatoes..Lol.   

This is the most wonderful life.

With some money my Grandmother gave me I bought a usb drive and put conference and a bunch of Paul Cardell, and I can plug it into the car and listen. I think I have listened to all of conferance two or three times now. I love it. 

We met this old man and gave him a blessing of healing. we had been teaching him for a while and he had a lot of back pain and leg pain. We gave him a blessing and afterwords he asked us two wonderful questions "are there members of your church who were baptized evangilists and then got baptized with you?" and the second I cant remember, but he said he prayed and knows it  is true. 

I don't know what changed this week but the whole week I have felt filled with an incredible joy that is with out end. I have felt so much peace and afirmity in my testimony it is like my whole body has been filled with light. 

AND we have zone conference tomorros. I am pumped!

Love you all,

Elder Lewis

Amazing Sunsets....Paradise.
This is a popular sandwich called a is a stuffed frybread. Do you think it's big enough.

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