Sunday, April 13, 2014

Letter Number 36

This letter from Jake was truly music to my ears.  I love where he is but I have been missing my Son desperately during his Birthday week.  Upon reading this letter and seeing these heart was put to ease.  He is having the time of his life.  He loves the Lord completely, he is mastering the art of living away from home, and he is making new friends.  What more could a Mother want for her Son.  Wherever life takes Jake, the lessons he learns while on  his mission will serve him well.  I wish every Mother could have this opportunity for their child.  Today, I feel so blessed.  

Rebonjour tous,

I hope you are all doing well as I am doing very well.

This week was pumped full of great things, district meeting exchanges with zone leaders, teaching someone French and missionary life,  and also things a little out of the ordinary...... like the birthday of myself and Elder S! For our birthdays we slept over there and had cake and coconuts and the next day went out and got burgers, "real burgers", from this place on the other side of the island. Thank you for all the birthday wishes you have sent me! You guys really mean a lot to me. 

General conference was fantastic, it was one of the best presents ever. I have never felt as edified and full of light as after conference this time.  it was truely wonderful.  Conference  showed me the gap I need to cross on my journey to eternal life with my family and heavenly father. It was truely inspiring. I loved all the talks and can't wait to reveiw my notes, let alone the talks themselves!

Study hard, fast often, pray, act. 

I love you all profoundly,

ELder Lewis

Birthdays on the Beach

A Birthday with a friend, cake, "real hamburgers" and a day at the beach.

Jake Opening His Birthday Box....favorite cookies in Pringles every time.

New Companion

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