Sunday, May 4, 2014

Letter Number 39

I was just thinking about what feelings I had for the blog today.  The blog has become a bit of a journal for me and a journal of Jake's mission.  I have been missing his presence a lot lately, and I am extremely excited to speak to him on Mother's Day.  I feel so at peace with what his mission is about...bringing people unto Christ, helping them find happiness in the fullness of the gospel. I also feel as if Jake's life and all who dedicate their time for a mission will be forever changed for the better.  The sacrifice of time, talents, and the following of the rules hones these dedicated Young forever.  I truly wish that I had served a mission and hope to serve with Lance when we retire.  I love these amazing places Jake is able to adventure to on P-day, I'm sure it gives him the peace he needs to work hard during the week.  

Just kidding, it is never just another Monday here on Gwada, we went and hiked the third waterfall of carbet and that was super sweet!  It was nice to hike up and just get into the rainforest and have the peace and silence around you. Except for when you meet people from France everywhere.....  ahhaha but that isnt that weird!

In other news we had a wonderful Zone Conference and it was so super awesome, we talked about planning and all the great things about inspired planning and why we do it and some member work. It was super great, kind of a weird transfer having Zone Conference and General Conference in the same month, they were like events that just messed up our schedual a lot, the place where we meet for those is and hour to two away.  It can take sooo long sometimes. crazy! also we had a great week to go with that. 

One of our investigators ( A   ) has dimminished smoking by a whole ton, and he should be doing himself baptism this next month sometime ( se faire baptiser for those of you who speak french) , as are a couple others, but I am out of time for today! 

Love you all dearly, 

Thanks for the support,

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom:
What did you discuss at your Zone Conference?

We talked alot about prayers and how one time a guy wittnessed the prayer of Joseph Smith his personal ones, and he said it was like a man speaking to another man. He said that it was as if Heavenly Father was right in front of him.

We need to think of specific questions for our Heavenly Father, the brother of Jared thought about the stones, got them, molded them and then asked him to touch them with his finger and the veil was taken from his eyes.
What are is your Mission President and his wife like?

President Mehr is just full of light and truth, you feel like you are speaking with the Most high servant of the Lord, it is edifying

Sister Mehr is super relaxed and super funny, but she is also like Pres Mehr.

What was the best thing you ate this week?
this last week....... i am not even sure. one time i ate swordfish... that was way delishious 

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