Friday, April 4, 2014

Letter Number 35!

It is Jake's Birthday today...I miss him every single day.  I just miss the simple things like him checking in with me as before he goes to bed, however, there is no place I'd rather have my Son, than serving the Lord in the West Indies.


So this week was pretty great! I didn't spend much time in my area as I was waiting for my new companion but he got here Thursday night nice and late and we went right to work. 
I'll tell you real quick a sweet experiancce we had withthe gift of tounges and then i'll go.

Elder S and I were teaching and he didnt really understand everything this lady was saying. but he had this scripture and thought he wanted to express,  so in a broken nonsensical manner he said a few phrases of French and shared this scripture. As I went to help explain (because it made no sense) and the lady said "no itis ok i understand".

The spirit ported his words into her heart so that she was able to understand. It was truly incredible.

Love you all and I wish you a good general conferance!

Elder Lewis


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