Thursday, March 27, 2014

Letter Number 34 and a new leadership opportunity and great pictures!

I just sent Jake his Birthday box today.  So much gratitude for all of the Family and friends who sent me video clips for his special Birthday Movie.  So much gratitude for Isabelle who put the movie together...In her message to her brother she expressed that because of his example she definitely plans on serving a mission.  I hope he realizes how much his example has meant to all of us at home.  Every day I try to be a little better than the one before...a lot of repenting, but I am always trying to improve.

Well,  i'm staying here, pretty excited, but lots of things are changing. On the 13th we hopê to open up the new group in Basse Terre and that will be great, but also this transfer I will be training.. his name is elder S, I have no information on him but I hope it will be good. Enough of this hope word, it is going to be good! Also I was called to be the District Leader of the Capes Terre  Branch Missionaries, there are six of us, the Sisters in Guayave, Elders in Capesterre, and us in Basse Terre.

In other news we met some new inactive members and have been working with the young to help them get to institute and seminary. 

umm, i acctually dont have much time today... soo yeah.

Elder T is going home today. We are going to celebrate with him and send him off really early in the morning. It is pretty weird and sad for me and elder C are both really good friends of him so it is really werid from us.

In other news, French is great, Creole is great, Basseterre is beautiful, and... that is about it

Love it here
Love you,

Elder Lewis

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