Sunday, March 16, 2014

Letter Number 32

I was really inspired and love the reminder to memorize scripture and how they will bless our lives and teach us what the Lord is trying to tell us.

I am proud of the boys and the hard work they are doing for the new building.  I pray it will all work out for them and the ward they are trying to take care of.

Soooo, it is just a wonderful life down here in Basse Terre, also WE GOT THE LOCAL BUILDING FOR THE BASSE TERRES THE CHRUCH IS COMING HERE! For the people there this is some pretty great news if you are askin me, we are going to try to do some quick construction and move into it this week if possible, buttttt who knows! It is just super great! I'm pretty sure I'm staying here but there is only two weeks left in the transfer, weirdddddd.  Today is my 8 month mark, it is starting to feel like it has been a long time since I left, it has felt like one reaaaaally long summer.

We found some great families this week, always exciting, working to find more. 

Just a little thought, I have been thinking a lot about D&C 84: 85 talking about treasuring up the words of life. I love that. Memorize a little scripture, ponder it, think it out and receive revelation. That is the way that we receive revelation, in pondering, praying, applying. I love it, the scriptures are like a best friend you can always go to for the best advice. 

Love you all, hope you are all doing well:)

Elder Lewis

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