Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Letter Number 30...First Baptism and Mom's rights about cleaning....ha ha.

What an amazing email.  I was so excited to hear about the baptism.  It was also very rewarding to hear Jake actually say how grateful that Jake now sees the benefit to my household cleaning tips....ha ha, mom is always right. love it.  

Bonjour from Gwada,

This week was totally sweet!  There was lots of great things that happened so i am going to try to touch them all. First off I had my first baptism of a lady who lives in Bouillant,  the farthest reach of my area, she was a member referral from the afoy family who lives in my old area. 

I loved seeing the change she has made over the last few weeks. It was quite fantastic to think that she would be making the greatest decision of her life.

She was super nervous the whole week before, but the interviews went well and she was well prepared.

Also, I dont think i have ever been as giddy as i was that day, just super happy and smiling the whole day long:):):)

Then, sunday, we went over to the abidos familys house. super poor. but at the same time the government helps the poor in crazy ways. it is almost imposible to live on the streets here the government will give you that much money. i found out i could get 600 euros a month maximum and i am not even a citizen. crazy. anyways we were over there with the frere duflo and after we asked if there was anything we could do. 

"bad idea."

She said "I guess you could do a little dishes." and I said lets go!! So we sarted, at first it wasn't so bad, the three of us in a tub of water washing and then rinsing with a kid who was helping putting them away. After about 20 minutes of speed dishes, we started realizing that these dishes just kept on coming.... we looked under the two stainless steel sinks to our horror to see that she had put a board there, behind the board was probably 3 weeks of filthy dishes... not even bugs were on them that is how gross this was. She had continuously bought more and more dishes to keep from doing them. it took us an hour and twenty minutes to do them all going as fast as we could.   Never have I been more thankful for the mother that I have who taught her kids to never leave dishes undone in the sink or for that matter filth aroung the house! it was absolutly nasty. but afterwords everything about here kitchen was clean, the house was still dirty but at least a large portion of filth was cleared.

The next day, yesterday, p-day, was awesome. there is a chain of islands called les saints off the coast of my area. The zone leaders got permission to take a boat there and go for all day.


I will not lie, it was the most touristy thing ever, but so relaxing and i had the time of my life. we went to a fort and the beach played football and frisbee. going there and back we stood up in the front open part of the boat and let water hit our faces as we went up and doWn on teh waves. It was totally epic.

All in all,

This week was awesomoe, a baptism!!!! lots of dishes, and taking a boat to Les Saints

I hope you week is wonderful as well,

Elder Lewis

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