Sunday, March 23, 2014

Letter 33........Wow Time is Flying!

For those that don't know Jake that well, he is a pretty big fan of food.  He loves to cook and is really quite good at cooking....but adding a little heat to his dishes is his specialty.  The one thing I don't have to worry about is if he is getting good nutritional food.  I think we are good on that point.  I am so excited for the Saints in Basse Terre, what an exciting event to open a group in your own community.  


Surprisingly that works.

French is weird.

The work is great, things are progressing just fine! We have been working more and more with members and we are starting to see the results.  We finnally got a local Church group here in Basse Terre! It starts the 13th of April. I am super excited, we have started doing some of the work inside to help renovate it for the group and future branch and that is going great. These people really deserve this group, you can see it in the way they work together all of the sacrafices they have made while the church has been in Capesterre for the last 4 years. but it is back, and ready to rumble!! 

I ate Swordfish the other day, fantastic if i do say so myself, also they have this Pumpkin dish that is super good, also augratin bread fruit can either be delish or really bland. I had two this last week that were fantastic! 

They have this stuff here called piment, it is bassically a Habenero Pepper that is full of super heat.

People eat it like it is nothing, lots of sauces  can be made; definately a fan:)

Je vous aime tous,

Elder Lewis

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