Sunday, January 11, 2015

Letter Number 75...The Sand Snowman

Wow...I love the excitement in this letter.  I'm can't wait to hear of the transfer in his next email, will the dynamic duo be together for another 6 weeks, or is Elder C on to another adventure elsewhere!  I was able to speak to his companion on the phone a couple of weeks ago, and we had a great conversation, Elder C is an awesome missionary.  Jake has been blessed to work with all amazing Young Men who are diligently trying to work hard and serve the Lord.  I feel such a blessing in this miracle!

Snowman Caribbean Style

This week was super great. We decided that there are no excuses not to have lots of member lessons and lots of high quality member referrals in Fort de France saying that we have a good portion of the members here. We really put ourselves to the work and things are really starting to get going now. We had a sweet miracle with this lady coming to church. She was super sceptical and thought we were a cult when we met her a few days previous and then she called us Saturday saying she had read the brochure and was bringing her friend with her to church.  She only came for Relief Society but was very touched by the spirit and proclamed that she will be coming here for a long time...... add a little conversion and I am thinking she'll be coming the rest of her life. 

Great things are happening here on Martinique, Many miracles:) 

This is the last week of the transfer and we are going to make it the best week ever, it might be the last week of me and Elder Christensen's epic 24 week journey together and there is  no limit to what we are going to do. There is a chance we will be staying together a 5th transfer but that would be super crazy. We would be in 100 percent sycronized together. We are great friends.

President Occolier and his brother are super pumped for the new year, they got up and did a presentation in Elders Quorum and talked about our goal of one baptism per month per companionship. They believe, and their faith is helping others believe as well. The branch of Martinique is experiencing real change and real growth. We had 14 baptisms in 2014  and that tripled what had been done before. this year we are going to quaduple that. The Lord is willing and we are willing, the branch is going to explode here. We are excited to see and experience the way it takes all of the members to their maximums. 

I love you all

Elder Lewis
Wrecked Slave ship Monument..Elder Lewis' t-shirt
says "think snow"  a Christmas present!

Monument to a lost Slave ship

Elder Lewis' District

Beach Baptism

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