Sunday, August 17, 2014

Letter 54........Can you say "Rain" Tis the season

Jake's dad served his mission in Puerto Rico and these stories of heat, humidity, and water are all starting to sound vaguely familiar...ha ha. I love this wonderful missionary Son, and I am so happy that he is working hard and remembering to smile and have fun every single day.  He loves his new companion and he loves the Lord.  So I am grateful and inspired. In my personal letter Jake says he is the busiest and happiest he's ever been in his life,  and the spirit just keeps teaching him things.  

Great week, but lots of rain!

I guess you dont really appreciate how much it rains here in the Caribbean until you are a missionary on foot.... sometimes it will just be a scorching hot day like 36 degrees or sometimes 38 then out of the blue, here comes the clouds and 5 minutes of the biggest rain drops you have ever seen!  The worst though,  is right after it rains it goes back to being super hot with super hummidity and all of a sudden I go from being super hydrated to super dehydrated.  Some people give up on giving me glasses of water and just give me the whole bottle....!

The lesson of the week was yesterday,  I would like to just put it out there that Sunday is my favorite day of the week:),  but also we took out a returned missionary with us to work, and as we went into a lesson and started to teach this family that is waiting on being legal to be married and to be baptized (they are haitien, there are alot of immigrants from Haiti and Saint Lucia) .....anyway,  when we got to the spirit world one of his friends who is another investigator walked in.  This is when things got really good;  he had some objections to the spirit world because he thought we ceased to exist.   F. M woke up from his half sleepy self and started expounding the scriptures, and for a while that is all we did, questions scriptures explanations, and he had questions and it was awesome.  It is so wonderful to see how the spirit can change a person so quickly. 

The pictures are attached,  the one is a apple pie I made. I'm getting pretty good at that.*

I touched a jelly fish on that dock, just the top part.

Saw a puffer fish. 

Tried to get it to puff up with rocks but it didnt want to I guess,

Je vous aime tous,

Elder Lewis

Jake and his New Companion Elder Dayton

Jake the Missionary Baker!
For P-Day, the District went and learned from the Potter

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