Sunday, May 18, 2014

Letter Number 40

A great letter from Jake on the progressing of the Church space they are preparing for the Saints in that area, and the work they are having with the investigators in that area.  

The opening of this meeting place will be so nice for the members there, the drive to the other side of the island is far and the road is not great, so this will save them time. I think the physical service work the missionaries do is probably quite therapeutic.

Shout out to my brother in law Shane for his birthday today, CINCO DE SHANE.

So in other news..... this week was totally just another wonderful week here in beautiful Basseterre Gwada, it is a pretty amazing place. We got our transfer calls, looks like I'll be staying here as district leader with Elder Sims. He is from Texas if I forgot to tell you that six weeks ago.

We did all sorts of great stuff this week, one of our investigators A.. he is going well on the dimmunation of ciggirettes. I think I just created a word. haha but also we had a great experience with this this lady and her daughter.  We taught them about genealogy and then we came back and taught them the restoration; came back again and they had prayed of course and when I asked them what their answer meant for them the one girl said " that means all the other churches are in error" and I was like "perfect answer"  they  were not able to come to church but they will be progressing towards baptism here soon. 

We spĂȘnt half a day working on the chruch. That was about establishing a church by your hand D&C 31:7. The church should open this week or the next.  It is set up so it can become a full branch one day. and then we build... there is a land already bought in Basseeterre for them to build a church, pretty sweet!

Hiked another beautiful waterfall this week. 

I really am happy here

Have a great week my friends and family, 

Elder Lewis

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