Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Letter Number 8......Baguettes, Waterfalls, and aqua marine water! Is this a "real" mission?

Letter Number 8

I can't believe that Jake has already been in the Caribbean for 2 weeks.  He sounds so happy, and it seems as though he and Elder Tolman are a great companionship!  I need to work on his question answering capabilities, but he answered almost all of my questions.  I so wish I could be a fly on the wall in this wonderful adventure in the West Indies.  His companion is a little sick this week, so when you pray for Jake please include Elder Tolman. As a Mother you can't feel better about a letter than this one from Jake.  He's serving the Lord with all of his heart, he is getting along with his companion, and eating well......! I just love that Son of mine.

Salut tout le monde!!

This week was amazing here in guadalope! the key board is still weird but whatever!! We stared to get in a roll of things this week and work hard, lots of contacting, member work, and also a variety of other things!! We contacted 52 jpeople this week (contact counts as a name a number and maybe a return apointment)  it was super great. For the most part herer instead of knocking on doors the houses all have" gates or fences so you yell you bonjour tu tu tu (signifying knocking) or  bonjour est-ce que il y a un quelqun?? Tt is pretty great.

Also we have several progressing investigators at the moment;  Karine who had a desire to be babtized and then questioned herself to the point where she was wallowing in self pitty, it was really sad but then she had a dream that she was being babtized and everything was ok. needless to say she and her daughter came to church. I gave my first blessing, and it was in french, to a member we have" been working with. really cool experiance. the priestood is really to just bless the lives of others. 

On other news, we have been working with the members like crazy and it has really payed off in combination with our mission fast. We had Frère Chalcoolj come to church for the first time in a few years. we also worked in his field and weeded, getting our van stuck deep in the mud in the proccess?

The food here is just great! there is lots of creole influences and even more French influences. I could eat baguettes every day, fill them full of delicious meat and just mangos.

egggs for breakfast, pasta breads cheeses for lunch, eat dinner if offered, life of a missionary:) for eating at least

Love you all,

Elder Lewis
Jake arrives in the Caribbean 

Jake's first p-day hike

Guadalupe is known for beautiful waterfalls!

Jake and Elder Tolman

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