Monday, September 23, 2013

Letter Number 10..... Miracles Everywhere!

Letter Number 10

Oh that son of Mine....I love hearing of all the miracles he is seeing. I love hearing about the beauty of Guadeloupe. I love that he is falling in love with the people.  I know that he will become a more effective missionary if his heart is full of the love Christ felt for the people he taught.  I felt so disturbed by the physical abuse he witnessed and will pray the Mother's heart will soften, so she will know there are better ways to handle difficult situations.

Bienvenue to the best island in the Les Antilles!! (Note: Bienvenue means "welcome")

I love this place with all my heart, the people are great, the food is great, the heat is less great, and the work is progressing!

This week was just super full of cool stuff that in all honesty will forget to write about. First off, I would like to say that there was tons of things that fell in water this week and not much success happened. we orriginally planned for about 36 lessons total, like set times dates, we taught about 14 maybe a couple more. That was super demotivating, but we kept our heads up and looked for the miracles in each day. speaking of miracles, we had a huge miracle on thrusday. elder pavia who was elder tolmans last companion gave a blesssing of healing to our investigator roger. he has been having problems with his kidneys and was supposed to go in on this last thrusday to see if he had to have dialisis. elder pavia promised him in his blessing that that day he would be healed and recieve good reasults. the day came and after two months of his health getting worse and worse, he was healed. when he went in to the doctor, they were super surprised because all the priviously exsiting issues were gone. super cool:) but he didn't come to church, so that was a downer. 

I also became incredibly thankful for the family I grew up in this week. I watched one of our investigators beat her child with a surgar cane. He was four. I dont know if i have ever had that much anger well up in me at one time. It taught me how incredibly magnificent the love our heavenly father has for us. I could not even immagine how frustrating it would be to bless your children so much and have them sin so much. Lots of great things like that happen, every day.

Learned how to speak a bit of Creole, Haitian with a bit of Guadaloupian. that was sweet, but the Area Seventy said we can't use creole to teach unless the investigators don't understand French.

I had tons of awesome fresh fruits that our investigators have given us, like star fruit, which is called karenbull, or that is how it sounds. I ate a real French meal for Sorièe Famillia at Soeur Louisaints it was delicious. 

I'll try to send off a picture to everyone, most of my pictures are on my blog at I hear my mom is doing a great job with that:) 

Love you all, keep looking for the miracles in every day:)

"Would Guadeloupe would be a good place to visit!"

Jake answers: 
"Guadeloupe it is a cool place, but you would have to speak French, very few people speak English more than yeah and how are you.. haha "
Elder Lewis

almost got stung by two centipides, which you can become really sick from. or die. but the Lords got my back;) 

Mom asks:
" how much is it raining there......... as it is hurricane season"?

Jake answers:
"When it rains it pours, you are soaked in seconds, and I can't use my sandals for prosiliting but they are great on p days!! "

Tell Brother Newby hi for me!!

Love ya*

Jake hiking to the Volcano in Guadaloupe,  Mt. Soufrieve
Jake's District earned their hike by meeting their teaching goal!  God hears and answers prayers!
I love the mist and the tropical wonderland of the Caribbean 
the nasty centipede that was stuck in Jake's shirt......I loved his caption "The Lord had my back!"

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