Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just Liv'n the Life Dreaming the Dream

Letter Number 9

Settling in to mission Life

I feel Jake becoming a Missionary for Jesus Christ.  I can identify a few tender mercies of the Lord in this letter, and a few opportunities for Jake to discover and improve on his weaknesses.  It's hard to miss my Son when I see how happy he is in the mission field.  With every letter I see glimpses of the Man he will be when he returns in 2 years.

Welcome to Guadalope, the most beautiful island in all of the Caribbean, the people for 60 percent speak Parisian French, the rest speak that mixed with Haitian and Guadalopian Creole.

The baggets are always fresh, but what isnt? Almost all of your common groceries can be found on this island, even soaps... one of the only imoports is cheese and that is subsidized, gotta have that cheese.

This week was a little crazy, had alot of succses, had alot of fall- throughs as well.  I went on an exchange with an elder this week, taught me alot about pride,  but I got to be on bikes for a change that was nice:)  We found 8 new investigators, no one showed up to church, which is in our house, not sure if I mentioned that. Our goal as a zone here on Guadeloupe, was for everyone to have  5 lessons with a member. The reward was we could go to hike the volcano Mt Souffrier. 

Everyone last second was blessed with a miracle and voila we went and hiked it. Unfortunately there will be no pictures because i forgott my camera cable. but next week;)  the volcanon stands at 1456meters high, which is higher than Boise if i am correct. It was super cool, we hiked for about an hour or so to get to the top, through this little river bed trail. super misty and bassically inside of a cloud. The top was acctually cold!! and we all stank like sulfur because it is still active. was a super super cool day:) then we went and spent some money at a boulangerie and that was just great:)

The work is really hastening here in Guadeloupe, there are so many miracles taking place it is crazy.

Love you all,

Elder Lewis

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