Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Letter number 7............Jakes goes to work in Guadalupe!

It was soo great to hear Jake sounding positive and happy, you try to trust the process, but it was so great to get that email on Monday confirming that he was safe and sound. We had two amazing conversations with Jake as he traveled to Trinidad.  He seems to be adapting to all of the changes quite well and now seems to love his new companion and the area.  Jake and I share a love of chocolate Croissants so I had to laugh at the part where he says he could pudge out a little.  I miss Jake but my heart is content knowing he is doing the work of the Lord and that he is being held in the Lord's hand while he is there.  His companion's story is amazing and I will get permission from his Mother before I share it, but it is very cool.  Please write to Jake on his LDS email listed below and keep my Son and all the missionaries in your prayers.

So my spelling might be terrible because the key board is allost 100 percent french. It is way different. My first week in Guadeloupe was awesome. I didnt really take photos becuase... i dont have a good reason.... but anyways....the work here is really increasing, there has been a baptism here everyweek for the last - weeks. Elder Tolan from Pocatello Idaho is my companion and also the zone leader. Super cool guy super chill, is going to make me fat because we have a car and eat the best food every day. The French was really hard to understand  because they speak super fast here and some mumble. We have three soon to be five progressing investigators who all came to church. The island is beautiful and the people are super nice.*

Love you all, and I cant find the exclamation point?? ! found it!!  

Other crazy things that happend this last aeek... 

Ate something called a kinet which is a little ball that you bite off the outer skin and this seed surounded by goo on the inside... super sweet, delicious!

The members here are the best!!! They are all super happy and church was awesome! 

Love you all,

Elder Lewis

P.S. you cant see my house maybe the top, my house is the Morne à leau church building, we dont even need the water filter here on Guadeloupe.. we have the nicest house because our living room doubles as a church for the members too far away from the building in Abeemes

I will send you my mail adress soon, 
Mission President and his wife Brother and Sister Meir with the incoming group of Missionaries

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