Sunday, September 21, 2014

Letter Number 59

An exciting week of flying to Zone Conference in Guadeloupe and being instructed by a General Authority.  I'm sure Jake loved the opportunity to travel back to Gwada.  He loved his time there so much and frequently spoke of it's beauty.  I am always grateful for the many up-lifing experiences Jake and these Missionaries receive as they probably need the positive reinforcement along the road they are on. 

Please take the time to write to Jake, I'm sure he would love a hand-written letter at some point from Family and friends....!  These are his addresses.

Written Letter Address. Cost is &1.15 or an international stamp

Elder Jake Lewis
Reed and Emma Turner
Ravine Vilaine
D11 Residence Tire d'Aile
97200 Fort de France
Martinique, France

Email address:

Hello My People,

This next week is a week of excitement,  we fly to Gwada tomorrow for Zone Conference.  Elder Zivic is coming. 

Being a leader is nice because we had a big Skype conference with Elder Zivic and his Wife and everyone this last Saturday.  His Wife said something really incredible.  She said,  
"the holy prophets have always gone up to the mountains to comune with God,  and like them we need to go to a higher lever of obedience and worthiness to receive more revelation."
Needless to say  I had a wonderful time listening to their Council and taking dilligent notes as they spoke to us.  Also,  President Mehr and his Wife and the assistants spoke. One might say that I had a really good day,  others might say I had an "AWESOME DAY,"  but that dépends on who you are.

One of our investigators Jerson, which is spelt Gerson but sounds like Jerson,  is actually being rebaptized because his name was never recorded in the Dominican Republic. But it is good because he is retaking the missionary lessons and he has forgoten a lot since his baptism a few years ago. We had a miracle lesson with our Branch President (Occolier) yesterday.  He hadn't been teaching with the missionaires in a long time,  and was dying to go but he is super busy with school and work and being a Branch President,  he has onlyl been back from his mission for a few years but he is awesome.  He served in Canada.  Although he is busy he came and he is super full of light and love, he is also a good friend of jerson.  As we taught the word of wisdom he felt inspired to talk about something he had seen on Facebook, it turned out to be a super spiritual lesson.  We set lots of great goals and shared our testimonies of the Atonement.

It is sad that so many members dont really understand the doctrine of the Atonement.  We talk about it from time to time but many don't understand that it was more than just a sacrifice for us. I believe stongly in the words of Jacob which say something like "why not speak of the atonement as to come to a perfect knowledge of it and a resurrection to come?" I believe it is Jacob 4:11

I love you all,
Elder Lewis
Elder Lewis & Elder Dayton Teaching at Zone Conference

Zone Conference

The Zone Greeting the Zivic's and President and Sister Mehr
The Fort De France Zone at Zone Conference In Guadeloupe

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