Sunday, September 14, 2014

Letter Number 58

How exciting for the Martinique Missionaries! I am happy for their success last sunday...I wish we could stay for a group meal after church some days, sounds very fun. 

Jake's Mission Dad Elder Turner tracted with the Elders to experience Martinque "on foot,"  I wish I could experience that same thing.  I am so grateful for the Turner's loving support of these young men and women in Martinique...they are amazing people. 

So this last week at chruch was sweet!

For a long time we have been having attendance of about 60-80 and we have had a goal of having 100 people attend church, once we sustain 100 we can build a chapel, so this week we set a goal for every member to bring one or more friend and then after words to have a branch meal together. Well this week we had a wopping 131 people at the Church!!!  It was incredible to see everyone! It was soooo packed that I stood up for the most part of the meeting and later resorted to sitting on a small primary chair that I found!!

Eleven people from our area came, acctualy that is only people we know, the rest were from everywhere, it was hard to keep track of people!

Our investigator Loccident was born in Haiti raised in Dominican Republic and lived in Dominica and now is here.  If i didnt belive in the gift of tounges before I sure do now! It was unbeliveable to speak in Haitian Creole, Maritiniqai Creole and French and a little English and occationally understand Spanish as we teach him.  He is super integrated already from the members, we found him one day at a bus stop!  After coming to Church we went over to see him and we read 3 nephi :11 with him he was like "that is a beautiful word, I know this is true, after Church I know that this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that I need to be baptized again"  it was the most incredable thing to Watch his eyes as the spirit softened his heart deep Inside.  He now has a desire to bring his whole family into the gospel.

It is such a blessing to be a servant of the Lord,

The Windows of heaven are open,  yet there is not any room to receive these blessings

I love you,

Elder Lewis

shout out to Elder Henrie!! my best friend, who has just started his mission this week:) he is going to change lives!
Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton
It all Begins with the first step 489...!

A Great Working Companionship

Elder Lewis and Elder Dayton

Jake and Elder Turner out Tracting

Jake and Elder Bodily setting up the new apartment!

Elder Dayton and Elder Lewis P-day fun

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