Saturday, December 7, 2013

Letter 19

Thanksgiving without Jake.....not as much fun as with! So happy he and Elder Tolman like to cook.

Hey Guys,

This week was also great. We continued to try our best to be obedient and also be super diligent. we have seen lots of miracles this week that came from a couple of fasts we did with members. First off,  we fasted with the Mother of the(   ) familly. This family is  all non- members except for her and she was really dicouraged about her 6 sons and them not being in the gospel. So we fasted with her and she was super excited.... well she had to do dialysis (for whatever reason tons of people have to do dialysis here, probably because it is one of the capitals of rum in the world) so we fasted for her not with. We fasted and we had a couple weeks of down time, but then all of a sudden, she gave us a family referral who lived just up the street. the mother has a baptismal date for the 7th and has allready come to church twice now. Also her kids are preparing to be baptized on the 24th of this month. Great miracle. 

Also, one of the sisters in the ward who has given us pages of referals, we finnally started making lots of progress with two of her friends. The one is atheist and she said she would  read the Book of Mormon in a couple of weeks (entirely) . Also, the other friend who was a Jehovah Witness, but then left the church because they left her and didnt support her in the time she needed it, we had a super powerful lesson with her about the holy ghost. She listened very intently and it was really great. 

Also all of the people who we taught with a member this week came to church and one other, for a total of five a l'√©lgise on sunday. The work is progressing here in Morne √† L'eau.  
 We had the experience  to teach in english just the other day! We are teaching this lady from Saint Martin and she prayed about Joseph Smith. She discribed the expeirance as a joy that filled her heart, and was with her though out the day, but she said she thinks she is too young to be baptized so she wants to wait till she is 40 so she can go to carnival(it is mardi graw but Caribbean style, probably just the biggest sinning fest in the world, not to bad here but in Trinnidad the missionaries dont go out for three days) . We are working with her.

People always are expecting the prophet to look like moses with a gigantic staff, robe and beard. 

We had a Thanks giving dinner on monday, me and elder tolman stayed up super late making it. I think I perfected my mothers potatoes. delish.

Welp, that is basically everything!! 

Love you all bunches! Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Lewis

Jake in the back of their van ready to take all of the food he and Elder Tolman prepared for Thanksgiving

Breakfast of Champions!  Jake is a pretty healthy eater.....and a great cook.

Deep in spiritual contemplation!

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