Sunday, November 17, 2013

Letter number 17 ......and a note from the Senior Missionary Couple leaving Jakes Mission which warmed my heart!

I was privileged to received a letter from the Senior Missionary couple who served in Jakes mission.......this is a brag but I was so happy to hear what she said about Jake.  I do wish I had a magic viewing glass to be able to observe him serving these during this time. I know how amazing he is because of the help he gave me after his Father's accident so this wasn't a surprise, just gratifying. 

 Jake sounds so mature....I am going to try to take my fasts more seriously.  In every letter Jake talks about the power in fasting. With the Holidays approaching he seems happy and not homesick at all, that is a great blessing as a Mother.  I am so glad he seems well adjusted!  Love his earnestness.

So this week was just totally awesome, we only got to work three days which sucks, but we had zone conference and it was really amazing.

we talked about so many super important things that I will probably not write, but we also talked about exaltation. I had never thought about how much we need to do to truely receive exaltation. We need to become better and repent more frequently. We also talked about the sacrament, and how when we take the sacrement we show our outward apearence of inward repentance. Man my spelling has gotten really bad. 

We are all super pumped up this week because of zone conference! I think I will probably stay on Guadeloupe because I am still waiting for my first year visa verification but transfercalls are on Saturday.

Fasting is so powerful. We fasted with the districts presidents familly this last week and they all went out and shared the gospel with their friends and now they have three referals for us. Member work is the way to go.

Anyways, love you all,

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom:
1.When You Say "NO ONE was at church do you mean it was just you and your companion?
no just no investigators showed up. there were quite a few people because we went to the big building in abymes for fast sunday. 

2. What is a typical church day like there?
at our small group we ahve pricipals of the gosple and also the sacrament. just two hours, but at abymes we have all three meettins like normal. 

3. Do you have any baptisms planned that will take place in a waterfall?
we are working hard but our investigators are not comming to church so their dates continue to move. and it is their choice, a lot like to do it in the font at the big church, it is in the same room as the kitchen. 

4. Did you ever get the envelope I sent?
 DONT SEND ANYTHING TO THE MISSION HOME it will take a very long long time to get to me if you send it there and it may never. other missionaries have to bring it from there because there isnt really a mail system in trinnidad. send it always all things to the island that i am on. i did get you halloween letter just last tuesday! im sending you a letter this week i hope

5. Are you eating any meat other than cold cuts?

also four, we buy food that is buyable, we planed to ahve a hundred euros for our last week and we bought some porkchops and nicer food. we do eat well, just yes, alot of carbs. french people have bread with everything!!

love you bunchs mom thanks a ton:)


Dear Families of Guadeloupe Missionaries,
Elder Bennion and I completed our 23 month mission on the 6th of November.  As we took off from Pointe a Pitre airport in Guadeloupe, it felt surreal….there will always be things to do, tasks unfinished.  The mission awaits a Senior Couple to replace us on Guadeloupe.  That is true for all 3 of the French parts of the mission:  Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana.  For now, the missionaries will be picking up their mail at our apartment mailbox so you can send everything to that same address.  In early December, a young couple, both returned missionaries, and both French speaking will live in our apartment and help with some of the duties, particularly in the immigration area.  They will be there until a full time couple arrives.
We have loved serving the Lord with your sons and daughters.  Oh, how we will miss them.  Serving together on Guadeloupe has forged such a precious bond of friendship. We all love the people, the culture, the feeling that comes from the Lord as we are seeking to bless his children.  It has been the crowning experience of a lifetime of service in the Church. 
Elder Lewis is a prince.  We just love Elder Lewis.  He is working with the Zone Leader and so he sees a lot of the ups and downs of the work.  There are plenty of administrative things to which his companion must attend and Elder Lewis is a fabulous companion.  He has a can do attitude and he is so willing to work hard and learn and love the people he serves, including his fellow missionaries.  His French is really coming and he is “all in” as a missionary on Guadeloupe!  You would be so proud of him.  I just wish there was a magic window that would allow you to see how amazing he is.  It is hard work and takes real commitment.  I often think of what other young men that are his age are doing with their lives at this time and I marvel at these missionaries who obediently and faithfully do all that they are asked to do!  It is such a privilege to have served with your son!
Have a great holiday season!
Sister Bennion

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