Friday, November 1, 2013

Letter number 15

I've been thinking a lot about obedience, and the blessings this principle of discipline can bring into our lives.....this week I'm going to try to be exactly obedient and see what magic can happen in my life.  

To see Jake use the knowledge his Dad gave him to help another on his mission was very gratifying...parenting can be a grind and these paydays are really nice.  

It sounds as though he and his companion are incredibly busy helping these new Elders out! Sounds great.

Bonjour cher frère et sœur, 

This week we acctually didnt do too much because we had lots of things to do for helping other missionaries move and stuff.  This weeks focus was on excact obedience and getting all of our studies done. it is something that is hard for us because we always have to run errands for the zone and the schedule is just crazy.

This week was different, we wanted to say that we did everything we possibly could, and we did this last week. It was great, the spirit was with us and we were guided by the Lord many times throughout the week. For example, we were helping out the senior couple over on the Island of Basse Terre and we couldnt drive all the way back to Morne a L'eau  just to turn around to go to meetings in Abymes. We gave some bike elders a ride and while studying in the car, we got a call from the sisters who are on bikes and their chain broke. because my dad is awesome and taught me alot about bikes I was like "I GOT THIS! I CAN FIX IT!" So we went and we helped them out and I found the tools to put it all back togeather. On Saturday we were going through the Grande Fondes and Elder Tolman said hey why dont you say ca va to soeur louisaint? I called her and the first thing I say is do you need help? She did in Moule, so we drove over there and picked up a bed for her from the house of one of her referals. It was super good, we got to intorduce ourselves to them. 

Also, I  was on exchange for part of sunday with Elder Peterson who just got here, a man answered the door  and could only speak Guadaloupian and Haitian Creole. The Lord blessed me and i was able to speak and to understand for 10 minutes and set up a return appointment.

Love you all!

Dieu soit avec toi jusqu'au revoir,

Elder Lewis

Jake's been eating a lot of avocados 

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