Thursday, November 7, 2013

Letter number 16........time marches on!

Jake is sharing miracles with us every week.  I've been pondering on how often we are blessed by a miracle and we say it's good luck, or that everything worked out etc. I am trying to give the Lord credit for all things in my life.  I see the happiness this connection this principle brings Jake and I want to feel that connection to Heavenly Father and that peace and happiness as well.  Please write to Jake or take the time to send a card or fun thought during the holiday season.

Gwada is the Creole spelling for Guadalope.

So this week was just freaking great, we were really focussing  on trying to be obedient and diligent at the same time. We saw lots of good results come from it. We still didnt have any body come to church this week, but five people committed, and another one still holds a baptisimal date of teh 30th. The work on guadalope is really progressing, there are three or four other baptisms comming up these next couple of weekends. Super Great.

The miracle of the week was...  one of the elders filled up a car with the wrong kind of gas, then drove 400 yards.... they pulled over and realized what they had done, called me, who had the phone, because the zone leaders were on exchange in Capes Terre.  I drove over to Baie Mahault with Elder Maoni to get a member who was a mechanic.  We took 4 hours using the little pump that turns on when you turn the key. It was a looooongg day, but it all worked out and the Lord blessed the car that it would start again and we were able to pump out the last remaining of unleaded gas out of the car until the diesel all came through. 

Other than that, this week was fast Sunday and what a great fast Sunday it was. We always go to the big building in Abymes for it, and it was just so happy and there were tons of people everywhere and I was just smiling like the whole day.  24 hour fasts here are hard, but the spirit that comes is incredible. 

Love you all,
ELder Lewis

Questions from Mom:

Not that you're not handsome but have you gotten a hair cut?

1 Yes  I just got one, it was super long and if it wasn't crazy I would have liked to keep it, except for the sides, those were killing me.

When will Your next transfer be?

2 It will be the 21st, I will  hear in a week or so my call and what my mailing address is.

Are there any  missionaries who need help with Christmas?

3 No, we are all well supported out here.

Do you miss swimming?
4. Occasionally when we talk about it, but we are so busy that it is hard to think about other things than the work
How often do you get to see the ocean?
5. Most days yes, and it is beautiful.

You can see the mops there, Jake and his companion have been getting the new apartments ready for the new elder.  The view is stunning!

A pensive pose by the thoughtful Elder Lewis.....miss his humor.

A typical meal......there is very little meat to be had, just cold cuts.

Happy to see people work out in Guadaloupe

Must be a delicious desert.......Isabelle say "gross"

Love you Elder Lewis

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