Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Letter number three.....San Francisco IN A DAY!

Letter three.....

We received Jake's email yesterday, and life seems to have taken on a routine cadence for Jake in the MTC.  We were abel to chat back and forth and he seems happy....one funny comment is that he misses being able to have the time to "dry off" after a shower." He comes up with some amusing details that sound like Jake to me.  He also told me to not send care packages for a while because as he put it "we have enough food in our tiny room to fill three of your pantries." He enjoyed Shelly's fiesta party she sent and I wasn't surprised by that because Jake never met a chip he didn't love! I love the obedience of the district. It would have been awesome for the them to be able to sight see in San Francisco but they were completely obedient and I know this principle will bring blessings. Our table seems empty, our house seems quiet, the front curb looks bare, but I know Jake is in the right place at the right time.

bonjour again,

The days here are super long but looking back at the week it seems super short. It is more like a week a day a day for a week, odd perspective right?
So on tuesday we went to san fran and appeared at the french consulate to get our visas for guadalope(dont know how to spell that) and french guianna, they still have our passports but we should get them back in a few weeks.
this is our schedual for going to san fran,
wake up at 4 take shower get dressed in suit
430 go to travel office and get travel stuff,
5 go to airport
sit in airport till 830
fly for two hours
30 min taxi to consulate,
we were an hour early so we walked around san fran and went through china town, ate at subway (eat fresh) and then went to the consulate
at the consulate, we bassically got our picture taken, signed a form, had our fingerprints scanned and then left.
30 min taxi to the air port
waited 4 or 5 hours for our plane to depart
we were stuck in like a hundred yard hallway for delta whilst we waited, took a few naps, gave out some passalong cards. while i was sleeping all peacefully they covered me in smarties.
two hour flight home.
ate at smash burger and felt beyond great about eating real food.
hour ride to the mtc.
That is litterally all we did in san fran, woke up at 4 got back at 9:15ish. twas a long long day, but really refeshing to get out of the mtc for the day. if i wasnt sleeping i was smiling, even then... was probably still smiling.
we are in progress with like 3 different fake investigators, im getting really good at gospel related french and my goal for this week is to become better at conversational french as well.
we did a door to door exersice with a different teacher where we had no back round info about the investigator and it was crazy how well we were still able to speak even though we had no plan or forethought.
no longer have to use notes in lessons.
gained 7 pounds. you cant see it i swear.
even though the food is not top notch it is easy to over eat, so i had to put myself on a one plate a meal diet. works good untill we have something decent.
we had "roast beef" and "mash potatoes" for dinner on sunday which was the best meal of the day but in no way was even close to the awesomeness of my mothers roast beef and mashed potatoes.
im reading the bible from cover to cover right now in engish, im half way through exodus. and I am half way through first Néphi in french.
other than that same ol same ol
avec amour,
Elder Lewis

All the Sisters and Elders walking to the Marriott Center

Busting a pinata for an Elder's Birthday....MTC fun!

Jake asleep while his trusty companions fill his gaping mouth with smarties.

Jake and his companion Elder Call

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