Monday, July 22, 2013

2nd E-mail

2nd E-mail

Well, as Jake's Mother, I have felt that Jake was away at camp. I've been busy so I've been coping quite well, but today it set in that Jake was actually not coming was hard to hear that there are some challenges.  What Mother ever wants to hear that the food is not great, or that he is a little lonely!  Lance reminds me that I survived "5" years of college eating Macaroni and Cheese and little else.  He seems close to the spirit, and he is learning and loving his district....these were my primary concerns for him. I really enjoyed his letter, and was able to e-mail back and forth today as I was home when he sent his email.  Please send him "Dear Elder" letters.  His unit is 352.  

Hey guys!

Crazy things were happining here at the MTC this last week, or so it seems. alot has passed so i will try my hardest to remeber all of it and tell it well.
First full week was not that bad, each day here seems more like two or three but it is all good because looking back on it I get to see how fast it really went. There was a ton of just super crazy fun stuff. Starting off, our " investigator" ended up being  our insanely european looking teacher Frere Mayne, which was sucky because you become super emotionaly attached to the people you teach. The investigator was someone that frere manye taught on his mission. side note: frere mayne plays wide reciever for byu. They started doing it this way so that you try your hardest to speak french and like i said we had no less than 20 minutes of teaching all in pretty dang good french i must say myself. We learned so much more about french thiss week. it is almost weird to look back and see how little you could speak a week ago and see how much you speak it now. We integrate french into everything, we call it parle votre lang wich is speak your language. Our goal for this friday is to only speak french all day. because of this i have pretty much become a professional finder of words in the dictionary.
Sorry for all the spelling errors, im typing fast and there is no spell check on these computers.
So tomorrow all four of us west indies guys are going meet with the french constibule tomorrow. oh by the way did i mention it is in san fran? because it is. haha so we wake up at 4 take a plane to san fran take taxi there, apear before the french constibul, who signs our visas and gives them to us, then we take a taxi back to the air port, then plane back to the mtc. Pretty crazy day all in all if i must say so myself. but it is going to be super awesome. we always joke about going out side of the fence into the "real world" and about how there probably isnt anything even out there haha. but it is all good:)
So other things that happened this week.... oh well on wednesday the food here started repeating again and is now just meh. haha it also is not verygood for your digestive track. like. no way it can be good.
there are some really delicious fresh bagles including the jalapeno ones that are just fantastical. other than that the food is pretty low key. they feed us wayyy to much and we are on the grandma schedual for eating
we have breakfast at 630(so we have to wake up at 6:( sad day) and lunch at 11 and dinner at 4.
This week every day we have gym time, which you can go to the field and play ultimate fris(awesome) soccor(not awesome) and sand volleyball(no one plays).
 there is also a gym  with like 6 courts for basket ball and up stairs we have a track and some weight lifting machines. ive got to say, i have kind of fallen in love with running. gives you a little less good feeling than swimming, and sucks while you do it, but it feels good after and it is super good woork out. unfortunatly i have my dads sweat genes and i look like i took a shower afterwords.
Interesting fact: we hvae to wear our suits on sunday. I sweat the most on sunday. nasty right? haha
Not sure what else to write, there is always more but i have got only so much time to email. speaking of which, if you want to write me mail while in the mtc, it would be easier to dear elder me, because i can read it every night and we have a ton of time on p day to write mail but not to email. we only have an hour for email a week, sounds like alot but it goes by soooo ooooooo quickly!
Saw Chris langford off on sunday night. saw Carson Roskelley a couple times. ran into randall robinson on our temple walk. side note: temple is closed till august super bummer. also am just down the hallway from Micah Lund which is sweet. 4 and a half more weeks or so! gonna be awesome!:)
Elder Lewis

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