Friday, October 18, 2013

Lucky Number 13

I feel blessed to read how amazingly well Jake is doing in the Mission field.  I really believe that when you serve you are happy.  Happy missionaries make happy missionary Moms.

Bonjour à tous,

What an amazing week of missionary work. This week was a week full of seeing the lord guide us as we tried to work more with the members. even though transfer weeks suffer a little bit because all of the errands we have to run on the island, this week was really blessed.  

Looking back on the days we see the way that the Lord guided us in very simple ways. First off, we had bassically no success in contacting or working without members, this was a blessing. now that the Lord has made a proclamation that member missionary work is the most productive and effective work (world wide broadcast in june) he really expects for us to step up and use the members. For instance, we went contacting on sunday for two hours, we had one new investigator that will probably become less interested. then we went to teach a member family, and right before we left the mother turned to us and said, you know, i think some of my neighbors are ready for the gosple, boom we had to recieved cordenées and we went with her to go and make contact with them.

On saturday we had alot of unplanned appointments, we knew they would probably fall through but, we went to a members house, had a good lesson, then elder tolman forgot his nametag, so we drove back though town. on the way back though town we recieved a phone call from a inactive who we were trying to get ahold of. she saw us pass by her and then guided us to her house in the grande fonds, which is like a maze of crazy unmaked roads in these huge rain forest covered hills. then after giving her a blessing we got a call from the senior couples saying they needed help transporting all of the new appliances  to the new sector in sainte rose. which side note: has the nicest house in the mission. we filled up our creepy stalker van full of appliances. after that we went and did a missionary council with soeur louisaint about the five Cordonées that she gave us. 

Also we set up two baptismal dates with the pilial brothers johnathan and garry. They read their scriptures and pray but they still haven't made the step of coming to church. 

All of our days were blessed tremedously this week.

In other news, one of the transfering missionaries was able to bring me a package from trinnidad from my aunt sheryl who was there for some kind of nurse humanitarian thing? it was somthing like that:) but thank you for all the letters that i was abgle to receive from that.

In other news, if you want to send me a package or letter, send it to guadalope the senior couple address. it is on my blog at
if you send it to trinnidad it can take up to 12 weeks to come here, and if it is too large may never come... so send it to guadalope, or wherever i am on french side, the mail here is very reliable.

Je vous aime,

Elder Lewis

Questions from Mom:

Have you been playing the Piano for the Branch?

we acctually dont have a piano for our little group in mourne a leau but it is good anyways. i am super dissapointed in myself for quitting the piano...

What are you doing for P-day?

yesterday for pday we played socccor and frisbee and stuff but then the rest of the day we had to go move in sainte rose to their appartment and then pick up people for a mission wide emergency transfer. 

Send More Pictures!!!

sorry for the pictures... i will sent more next week!

Do You Ever Miss Us?

it is weird to think how much you can miss me because there is not to many moments i can think of you during the week. a little at night and lots on pdays. emailing makes me a little longing for home but it is not bad. 

How is the Language coming?

language is going really well, when i need more the lord blesses me with the gift of tounges and i speak very fluidly. i am understanding and in turn speaking alot more:) 

Love you bunches!!

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