Friday, October 11, 2013

Letter Number 12.............Blessings All Around Us!

I am always happy to hear from Jake, and as a note to the reader of this blog, Jake writes like he talks.......Sooo, don't be expecting great grammar........he apparently doesn't feel like grammar is necessary in the mission field. I actually enjoy this about his letters, they make me smile and it's like having a conversation with him.  From the time he was born, Jake woke happy, was happy during the day, and went to bed happy. I hope he is sharing his inner light with his companion and all the people of the West Indies.  He is awesome to be around because of this attitude for life.


Every day is a good day here in the mission field, there is always hard times with lessons to be learned, and people who reject you, but in the end there is always that peace of the restored gospel in our lives. 

This week was packed full of just awesome times!! We had the opportunity to be truly blessed by the Lord and find and teach people with more efficacy. starting with Tuesday, Tuesday was a really chill day, we went and saw this investigator named Michell who is the legal father of a bunch of illegal Haitian children of one of the ladies in our group. As he told us his story he expressed his true desire to be babtized, but he also does not have the means to get to church...... saying that he lives in Moule and the chruch is in just out of Mourne a l'eau in Rishevalle. Then latter that day we found a 23 year old lady from France who was totally prepared, she was super interested and expressed sincere desires to hear more. We gave her a book of Mormon and set up an appointment for Thursday.  On Thursday she told us she couldnt see us and would have to recieve the missionaries in France because her sister wouldnt let us over to their house. We were in the sector talking to someone else and I decided to just go look into her house. I made this super awkward face as i stared into this empty house,  and then she poped out! She let usin and we taught an amazing lesson.  She was able to let us in because her sister was out doing something!

General conference was amazing needless to say! But I am out of time!! 

Till the next,
Elder Lewis

Questions Asked by Mom:

1. Are you being transferred?

I am just doing great as always and for the next transfer will be staying with Elder Tolman. I am super glad to hear all the different things you do for the missionaires. although the cookins made me jealous!!

2. Did you receive the little package I sent? Did you think about writing a hand written letter to your Mother?

 I have not recieved your letter yet, but i wrote you a letter two weeks ago and have not yet sent it. 

3. Where did you watch General Conference?

we watched conferance at the chruch in a side room with no air contiditioning. was hott, and the spirit was just super strong the whole time!! loved it needless to say! learned a lot of different lessons. 

4. Did you take good care of Elder Tolman after his Toenail surgery, and how is he doing?

It was just super chill with his toes, we stayed inside studied and cooked. Cooking is like our thing, when we want to do something, we cook! we make some dang good hashbrowns!!

5. How are the Sister Missionaries?

Yeah the sister missionaries are alright, there will be more in two transfers on guadalope. 

Saint rose is opening up to missionary work, that makes a total of 16 missionaries and a senior couple, who leave in a month.

6. I told Jake they were looking for couple missionaries, and to expect us soon! ha ha 

heads up, wim is one of the most expensive missions. i bet it would take 40000 to do a mission hear. probably more...

All is well here in the promise land!!

love ya! 

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