Saturday, August 17, 2013

Letter number 5......2 weeks left in the MTC!

I can feel that Jake is feeling antsy to leave the MTC and get to the West Indies, but seems to be doing well.  I loved the practical joke, I'm sure the Elder didn't, a reminder that they are still 18 and 19 year old boys at heart.  I listened to the Cantique Jake spoke of and I encourage you to listen to it.....extremely beautiful. 

 So I really dont have much to say about this week, but this is what we did in general: 
Taught alot of lessons.
spoke alot of french.
Tried to speak only french for two days, made it about halfway.
Sung some song for choir that was way to high.

Watched an emeritis 70 talk on tuesday about scripture sudy,
was pretty good.

Yesterday we had the good choir director back, this Tuesday we are going to sing Jesus Once of Humble Birth. 
What else? I did a couple workouts on the rowing machine with Elder Gilson who is going to Tahiti. He is a super chill Elder from Alberta Canada, also started playing volleyball during gym time too. 
Got a nose bleed for the first time in forever and was freaking out because I liked the tie I had on. Saved by that much... Elder Fraley showed me that you can put a cold cloth on your neck and it helps stop the bleeding. Interesting haha 
Elder Call and I started bearing(or however it is spelled) our testimonies in French each night to random senior couple and sisters. 
Oh almost forgot, gave a talk in French on sunday! It was President Mangums turn to preside and I knew they were totally going to call me  (he is a family friend). 
Did i tell you that Souvien-toi is my favorite hymn(Cantique)? it is only found in the French cantique book but is super sad and good and deep and beautiful. im sure there is a great youtube vidieo of it. 
So the kid from Nigeria is super affraid of snakes, so we put a fake snake in his bed. he almost had a hard attack.

Anywho love from here to you guys,    
Thanks for the support

 Elder Lewis 

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